Retail Furniture Store


Project Overview: Marketing Flyers to Existing Customers, New Customers in Regional ZIP Codes and “New Moves” (new residents who moved into the service area)

Location: Freehold, NY

Industry: Commercial, Retail, Furniture


CRST was asked to take over the mailing of flyers for Tip Top Furniture by Kathode Ray Media, a New York based Public Relations Firm that was handling marketing on behalf of the client. Our approach was to undertake a more disciplined review of the MasterList database of existing customers to repair non-CASS addresses (addresses not recognized by the USPS), remove duplicates and “near duplicates” (we take four rounds of duplicate and potential duplicate verification), identify and remove invalid addresses as well as make a statistical assessment of where the customer concentrations are (and, where they are not) for additional marketing. The “additional marketing” comes in our review of neighborhoods in which customers “between homes” could be contacted and approached with a monthly or periodic flyer. Since this is a brick/mortar store location, we have a limited radius within which to work; therefore, we want to maximize the highest net worth neighborhoods by undertaking simple statistical analysis of the existing customer base. Here, we focused on certain ZIP Codes and carrier routes across the river from Greene County into Columbia County, to help pad the marketing effort. For reference, this was a double-tabbed flyer on 100 lb. gloss text paper, full color (4/4) with bleeds.