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Direct mail marketing encompasses a variety of aspects and requires set-up and previous knowledge to make it successful. Our direct mail tools can help you get started and onto the right track. We are a direct mail company that has been providing our clients with premium service. CRST uses these direct mail tools to get our clients the biggest postage discounts and educate them on how to properly use direct mail marketing to grow their business or raise necessary funds.

Our direct mail tools contain detailed, helpful and useful information for mailing. Each of our direct mail tools cover a specific topic necessary when using direct mail as a marketing strategy. We have instructions on how to become a Non Profit 501(c)(3) incorporated organization, up to date postage rates and even a full listing of common envelope sizes.

Select from a variety of our mailing permits to use on your mail piece including Non-Profit, First Class, Bulk and BPM.

An easy to read and understand listing of the current and most up-to-date postage prices for major mailing types.

A listing of all common envelope sizes and their corresponding insert sizes.

Simple dictionary of popular USPS® terms, acronyms and terminology as well as their definitions and how you can use them.

Information on how to properly mail at letter rates using direct mail automation and the USPS® Notice 67 tool.

Learn how to mail at highly discounted Non Profit bulk mail postage rates through your Post Office.

Recommendations on how you can become a 501(c)(3) Non Profit incorporated organization.

Detailed write-up of what and how to properly use the USPS® address services called ancillary endorsements.

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