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Cornerstone Services, Inc. is an experienced direct mail company located in New Paltz, NY. Founded in 1998, CRST provides total mailing, data management, and design services for a variety of clients – from small non-profit associations to international corporations. We make exceptional use of prevailing software and hardware technologies. The efforts of our dedicated staff provides our clients with the biggest postage discounts and aggressive job turn around times.

Our goal is to minimize the “hassle” of a mailing campaign by providing the best possible service at reasonable costs.

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Cornerstone Services, Inc. are experts in all things mailing. We pride ourselves on our in-house knowledge of mailing regulations, standards, practices and ability to get the best results for our clients. Each department is extensively trained and tested in all aspects of direct mail marketing. We make sure your job goes out on time, under budget and un-eventfully.

Sean Griffin, President

About Sean Griffin

President and CEO

Sean Griffin, a graduate of philosophy from Union College in New York, founded Cornerstone Services Inc., a direct mail company, in 1998. He previously worked for Goldman Sachs in Human Resources and KUBRA as a Senior Account Executive. He felt it was time to apply his knowledge of business and direct mail to a company. Since Cornerstone Services Inc. opened its doors, Sean has continued to expand his knowledge in direct mail by receiving USPS® Mail Design Professional and MSMA™ (Mail Systems Management Association) Certifications.

Sean is dedicated to making sure that a mail campaign is delivered on time and with care.

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