Non Profit Postage


How to get approved for mailing at Non Profit postage discounts

If you’re not non-profit incorporated, you should view our page on how to get non profit incorporated before proceeding.

Getting approved to mail at USPS® non profit postage discounts is as simple as filling out a form, the PS Form 3624. This is the Application to Mail at Nonprofit USPS® Marketing Mail Prices. At Cornerstone we have had two decades of experience in helping not for profit organizations become approved, so here are five (5) steps to help out most applicants:

Step 1

Download the application to mail at non profit postage rates from the USPS® directly so that you have the most current version. Click here for application.

Step 2

If you are an IRS 501(c)(3) class organization you are more than half-way home. The USPS generally seems to rely on due diligence done by the IRS in awarding non profit postage rates and mailing privileges, and an IRS 501(c)(3) classification usually means swift approval.

Step 3

When filling out your documentation checklist, be sure to provide examples which demonstrate to the USPS® that your organization is abiding by the articles of organization and the mission statement for the entity. Simply, the USPS® wants to ensure consistency, and activity within consistency, that your 501(c)(3) organization is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

Step 4

It’s very important that everything you put down in the application is exact, especially your legal name. If you use a d.b.a. (Doing Business As) in lieu of your legal organizational name, then this must be detailed very clearly on the application. The USPS® will send back your application if there are any inconsistencies.

Step 5

Where to send your completed application?

Deliver it or mail it with all original copies to the local Post Office, or more likely, the regional BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) at which you plan on sending mailings. If you are not sure of the location of your regional BMEU. If you’re still not sure to where you might send your application, then contact the USPS® PSCS in New York or even just mail the application to this address.

If you’re not an IRS 501(c)(3) organization, that’s OK – you might still be eligible for non profit postage rates! There are other paths for getting approved. Contact us and we might be able to help. For CRST clients, there are no charges for such guidance. Additionally, if you have an immediate mailing and cannot wait the few weeks it might take to have the USPS® PCSC, consider having CRST assist you with your mailing.

We have the ability, in most cases, to get you non profit postage rate discounts in arrears as long as we are (at least) able to submit your application at the same time that we present your first mailing.


For full service, please contact us to receive our Not-for-Profit “Letter of Guidance” that we craft for each organization to assist with the application process.

Short of very unusual circumstances, we have yet to have an organization be declined for acceptance, provided it follows this Letter of Guidance without fail.

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