Large Painting Contracting Firm Homeowner via EDDM Cards


Project Overview: Diligence Notifications; Newsletters; Data work

Location: Wallkill, NY

Industry: Commercial, Contractor/Construction


Orange and Rockland Painting wanted to try reaching homeowners well before the Spring season (when everyone starts looking at their homes once the temperatures rise). Therefore, in January, we designed and sent out an unusual EDDM mailing sized 3 ½” x 11” with a 2” x 3 ½” tear-off coupon that the recipient could help in their wallets or purses. The idea was to have a novel approach and create something that made the residential recipient take notice. Here, we had fun with this project and even hid the words “Local Postal Customer” into the woodwork of a home image. Ultimately, our job is to get people to take notice, and this approach worked. Please note, further, that it was not necessary to provide a coupon here – the most important thing was to show professionalism and accessibility, and O & R’s well-thought-th