Lions Club Community Appeal


Project Overview: Non-Profit, Consumer Data, Graphic Design & Appeal Mailing

Location: Millerton, NY

Industry: Non-Profit; Philanthropic/Charitable/Community Service Association


Our job here was to help the local Lions Club with an annual fundraiser. It is important to note that service organizations such as Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Toastmasters, Jaycees, etc. are technically not allowed to avail USPS not-for-profit mailing privileges; to get around this, organizations such as Kiwanis Clubs incorporate a foundation branch of their groups to serve as the fundraising arm of the central organization, a practice that is akin to the “Friends of” groups that are part of many libraries. For the Millerton Lions Club, we had to design the letter, #6 ¾ remittance envelope and source data. The data was a combination of real property owners, cherry-picked businesses as well as other sources. The Master List was put into our DataConsulate application (a precursor application to so that donations could be tracked online by any of the member volunteers. Even though the mailing had to be sent at commercial bulk rates, the postage difference was not dramatic given local 5-digit ZIP Code concentration and SCF-entry discount postage rates. Overall, a standard and conventional graphic design, printing, data & software approach from the Cornerstone Services, Inc. side.