Historical Society Newsletters


Project Overview: Newsletter Mailings

Location: Haines Falls, NY

Industry: Non-Profit, Membership Association, Cultural/Historical/Preservation

Website: https://www.mths.org/

This is a great example of a small but effective non-profit direct mail means for a historical society – anywhere in the United States – to serve its membership with recurring newsletters and membership/appeal mailings. In this instance, these newsletters and envelopes were printed B/W on matching ivory color paperstock, which kept costs down but also branded in a way the historical aspect of the mailing (although in recent years, the editions have moved to include color pictures). Newsletters are mailed quarterly with an annual membership or donation appeal at calendar year-end. For such historical or preservation societies, CRST also offers free-of-charge entry-level versions of DonorJet.com [link here] software, our own proprietary-build software, so such groups may manage their membership via a secure web-based application; the newest version of DonorJet.com now includes email functionality (a paid feature).