Broadhead Manufacturing & Distribution Website


Project Overview: website & Wholesale Distributor Mailings

Location: Lexington, NY

Industry: Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Wholesale Vendor Mailing


This client needed to rebuild his business after the termination of an non-compete agreement, but needed an online presence to accomplish this. CRST was asked to help build an online shopping/shipping platform for the broadheads that were manufactured, and then set-up discount ordering tiers for sporting goods stores, and other distribution channels, to avail volume/relationship discounts. To do this, we deployed a website with some custom programming on the back-end. Thankfully, we have an on-site expert with strong internal programming support in-house, and were able to complete this quickly. As with all good websites, it helps to have a multi-marketing approach, and we further assisted with the set-up of a direct mailpiece to purchasing agents and distributors as well as to other VIP individuals and/or retail stores to help drive traffic to the website. Ultimately, such organic direct mailings also further assist with Google Analytics, and this invariably was the case here. Other marketing that the client did was magazine display ads and perhaps Facebook ads, although our role was limited to web/mailing set-up.