Architecture/Engineering Firm Wall Calendar Parcels


Project Overview: Parcel Fulfillment (USPS Priority Mail)

Location: Albany, NY

Industry: Commercial, Architecture/Engineering Firm


Through Chatham Printing (link: CRST was asked to assist with an affordable and reliable means to send out large wall calendars to one of its customers, the Laberge Group. The Laberge Group is known for excellence in municipal projects, and sending out such large scale items has both annuity value as well as usefulness given the recipient audience. Here, we used uniquely sourced, flat rate USPS Priority Mail parcel tube boxes technically called “Dual-Use Priority Mail/Priority Express Medium Tube” with a SKU# of 1098 [ref:]. These items may be ordered free-of-charge from the USPS from the store website. The value here is both in getting free packaging but also keeping costs down given the flat rate availability. Ultimately, we deemed this approach to be more cost effective than UPS ground parcels, and, we were easily able to return a database back with USPS tracking numbers. Further, as with many such mailings, it is very important that the names/addresses are carefully researched and verified to ensure deliverability. Chatham Printing, of course, did an exceptional job in the design, layout and lamination of these printed items