Horse Academy


Project Overview: Mailing Provided brochure + sourcing prospect consumer names/addresses

Location: New Lebanon, NY

Industry: Non-Profit, Education, Equestrian/Horse Husbandry, Farm


We were given this project to assist Cricket Hill Academy for Horesemanship with an outreach mailing into the Columbia County NY area. Luckily, Cricket Hill had an IRS 501(c)(3) incorporation, so we were able to assist them (no charge) in filing the necessary paperwork to obtain USPS privileges to mail at the not-for-profit rate class. The sourced mailing list looked for families with children within a specific radius with a minimum household income. Often we don’t recommend using household incomes (ask us why later), but in this instance, because we had too many prospective leads, it was useful to get to a maximum count. Also note that proximity may, or may not, play a role here depending upon the offering. This was an open invitation just to come to the Academy so we just wanted to make it family friendly and not put too many hurdles into our consumer profile. The brochure clearly is a little “Microsofty” in its construction, but it’s at least 10 years old and did the job. Were we to do this again today, we would absolutely insist on color images of happy tween and teenage children/young adults on horses with emphasis on registering at a custom website link (and probably using even a QR Code.