National Organic Growers Association


Project Overview: Membership/Association personalized letter outreach to Canadian & American organic farmers; design, printing & mailing; data hygiene

Location: Temple, NH

Industry: Non-Profit, Association/Cooperative, Organic Farming


CRST helped Certified Naturally Grown continue its growth outreach via direct mail communications. Since the organization qualified for non-profit mailing privileges, the first requirement was to ensure that the lowest letter-rate postage rates were obtained. From there, it was a matter of verifying provided data (as always, to ensure deliverability) for both Canadian and American organic farms. Many farms rely on PO Boxes and not street addresses, so data hygiene was essential here. This is a simply process after that: full color merge letter design (multi-page letter here) along with a needed reply “instrument” such as a #9 CRE (courtesy reply envelope) or direction to online sign-up, or, re-registration. Cornerstone Services can also source new prospect data for project like this, although for at least several of these mailings, that was not needed for this client.