Complete Friendraising Event Guidelines & Checklist

Sure-Fire Friend-Raising Event Checklist & Communications

In recent years, “Friendraiser” events have become more popular as an alternative to expensive donor events which tend to scare off attendees due to high ticket prices and direct gifting request tactics.  This blog, based upon actual past experience, is meant to be a straightforward and helpful overview with practical guidance on how to pull…

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Direct Mail Marketing

CRST Direct Mail Marketing illustration

Direct mail marketing is a traditional advertising technique that involves sending promotional material directly to potential customers’ physical mailboxes. Despite the popularity of digital marketing, direct mail still remains a relevant and effective way to reach out to potential customers. If well created, it has greater opportunity for multiple eyeball contact and message retention, leading…

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Mail piece design can be rather intimidating. Thankfully, for you, we broke it down into three essential, easy-to-understand rules. After working so hard on a mail piece design, you don’t want people tossing it in their trash. Most bulk mail is tossed aside because it fails to pass what we call “The 3 Rules for…

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B2B Direct Mail Data from InfoUSA

A Review of B2B (Business to Business) Data from InfoUSA I almost always tell attendees of my Chamber of Commerce talks (or via direct mail consulting) that “the best data you can buy is data you can’t buy”. However, there isn’t usually time during a chamber of commerce event to delve into why purchased B2B…

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Cold Calling Works with Direct Mail Marketing

Cold calling and direct mail… perfect together? We usually think of both approaches as differing, and not combined. However, properly used, there exists an accelerator effect that yields more sales. By using personalized letters with good data, Cornerstone Services, Inc. has easily been able to demonstrate better results in business-to-business cold calling using direct mail strategies which…

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