Niche Insurance & General Insurance Direct Mail Marketing


Project Overview: Identification & Targeted Marketing of Specialized Insurance Products

Location: Hicksville, NY

Industry: Commercial, Financial, Insurance


Every insurance company has certain coverage service specialties which allow such agencies to differentiate their coverages from other providers. Cornerstone Services has historically worked with many independent Nationwide Insurance agencies and found even among this group, there are some agencies with keen understanding into select niche markets. Tango, Tango & Tango Insurance is one of these firms that understands (a) unique markets where businesses may have trouble getting competitive or custom insurance coverage, and (b) general markets where regardless of the industry, nothing substitutes “just having a conversation” with a seasoned insurance rep. Here’s how they do it:

General Example: Allowing some basic filtering qualifications (e.g. how many years in business), Tango, Tango & Tango would send out a “checklist” card so that any business receiving the card would know that, potentially, there was reason to review coverage. This is a very broad stroke approach, but it does ensure that as long as a business is incorporated (or at least a registered sole proprietor), there is room to have a discussion and a due diligence review of basic liability coverage (esp. in New York State).

Niche Example: Tango, Tango & Tango has many areas of insurance expertise, but one of the more unusual areas is in food processing manufacturers. Here, we used Nationwide information but tailored it to the Tango, Tango & Tango branding. Simply put, if you can have a personalized letter that actually speaks to you and your business, you garner more attention and awareness, making the conversation easier to have.