British-American Collegiate Association


Project Overview: Data Research, Book Printing & Layout, Custom Website & FCM Postcards with Custom QR Codes

Location: Pawling, NY & London, UK

Industry: Non-Profit, Education, Association, Philanthropic


This was a rather unusual and complex project, nonetheless made simple through a clearly laid out step-by-step plan-of-action for how the year-long project would proceed. The Winant-Clayton Volunteers organization was winding down, and the Board of Directors wished to have us find lost members of the organization (some records as old as 50+ years) so that all found/known collegiate participants (from 1948 to 2011) could receive a printed book that would be both mailed via USPS media rates and emailed, with the potential to receive an electronic book version (also created by CRST’s Project Management team). First, the data research took several months and many lost or missing alumni/alumnae were not just difficult to find, but also residing overseas in some cases. We compiled a Master List and securely moved found name, phone and email information into our [link:] application. CRST designed the book cover (and had to recreate the missing logo) and handled the layout of the 222-page work, written by a board member of the organization, which went to print regionally. We then sent a yellow 4”x6” First-Class Mail postcard to all members and assisted with the emailing of other members. eBook versions of the work (i.e. Amazon Kindle, *.pdf and other versions) were created, and each FCM postcard had a custom QR code so that we could keep track of what each WCV participant ordered. Costs were kept down to a minimum and the overall project was deemed a success, allowing the organization to come to a natural and final resting point.