New Subscribers for a NYS Regional Newspaper


Project Overview: Graphic Design, Printing, Secondary Homeowner data

Location: New Lebanon, NY

Industry: Commercial, Newspaper


Cornerstone Services used uniquely filtered Real Property data to determine secondary homeowners in the Columbia County area. A #6 ¾ remittance envelope was created along with a static but full color cover letter from the Editor; then, this “set” was placed in sample issues and mailed to targeted secondary homeowners who might want to get the local paper at their homes in/around the New York City metro area, and beyond (at periodical mailing rates). CRST was given extra copies recent weekly editions and based the name/address list selection in part where we could attain 3-digit ZIP Code concentration in order to keep the postage rates down (e.g. ZIP Codes starting with “100” or “112”). This proved to be an effective way for using residual newsletter copies which otherwise might not have been distributed, AND, also get new subscribers to the Columbia Paper newsletter.