Classics on Hudson


Project Overview: Ad Sales, Booklet Layout & Printing

Location: Hudson, NY

Industry: Non-Profit, Cultural/Arts, Musical Performance


This was an unusual project wherein Cornerstone Services had to source business data – from multiple sources including the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce (link:, send out a non-profit appeal mailing to offer local businesses to place display ads in an annual program guide, and then call businesses to gauge their interest (i.e. codeword for “sell!”) for taking out quarter-page, half-page or full-page ads. CRST’s sales team worked with 25% commission on all ad sales and helped develop both awareness and goodwill in the community for the Classics on Hudson organization regardless of ads sold. A program guide was eventually designed and printed locally, with all open ads sold out to local businesses and/or philanthropic, culturally-minded patrons-of-the-arts.