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B2B Data using apples example

B2B Direct Mail Data from InfoUSA

A Review of B2B (Business to Business) Data from InfoUSA I almost always tell attendees of my Chamber of Commerce talks (or via direct mail consulting) that “the best data you can buy is data you can’t buy”. However, there isn’t usually time during a chamber of commerce event to delve into why purchased B2B …

Cold calling using direct mail

Cold Calling Works with Direct Mail Marketing

Cold calling and direct mail… perfect together? We usually think of both approaches as differing, and not combined. However, properly used, there exists an accelerator effect that yields more sales. By using personalized letters with good data, Cornerstone Services, Inc. has easily been able to demonstrate better results in business-to-business cold calling using direct mail strategies which …

Chicken shipping example

Chicken Shipping 101 Mailing a Chicken through USPS

CHICKEN SHIPPING: A HOW-TO I know what you’re thinking… you always wanted to ship a chicken to someone special, but you were not sure how. Here is the Cornerstone Services Inc. step-by-step instructions for making your chicken shipping dreams come true. Follow this guide to ensure the chicken mails safely and successfully to any destination …

Mailing periodicals through USPS

Periodicals a Complete and Essential Overview 2018

Periodicals: How to evaluate mail and apply. The periodicals rate class is generally used for newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.  Periodicals get mailed through the Postal Service™ several times a year, largely to people who specifically request these publications. No class of mail is more complicated than that of the periodicals. Our task here is two-fold: To make …

Ancillary Service Endorsements

Ancillary Service Endorsements by USPS

Ancillary Service Endorsements are the methods used by mailers to direct the USPS on how to handle new address mail. Ancillary Service Endorsements represent one of the three ways for a mailer to comply with the Move Update standard requirement; and, it’s fairly simple to put into place.  This service is available for several classes of mail:  …

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