Simple Handyman/Carpenter Direct Mailpiece


Project Overview: Direct Mail 4×9 Card Saturation

Location: Palmyra, VA

Industry: Carpentry, Handyman, Contracting

Website: N/A

CRST worked with a carpenter/handyman – Ray Muller of Reliable Carpentry – who moved into the Palmyra Virginia area and wanted to target homeowners around Lake Monticello, VA. The key here was to keep it simple, so we helped design a simple B/W direct mail postcard sized 3 2/3” x 8 1/2” that had an image, phone, email and some broad stroke services descriptions related to handyman services. The result was exceptional, even without a website URL. Because the card had a modest, unpolished but competent appearance – and yet stood out due to the blue carstock color – homeowners called because the send appeared affordable. Win-win