National Industrial Product Recall


Project Overview: Assistance with Gas Control Valve Product Recall effort via Data Research & Verification, Book Printing & Layout, Custom Website & FCM Postcards with QR Code links

Location: Richmond, VA

Industry: Industrial Gas Valves, Controls


CRST was requested via a regional public relations firm, John Mallen Communications (link: to work with the Robertshaw Controls Company and assist with voluntary industrial gas valve recall efforts. Robertshaw Controls took a very pro-active, “safety first” approach, working diligently with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ( to collect as many potentially flawed products in the field, both nationally and internationally. It was Cornerstone Services’ job to verify dealership customer databases (rendering them useful for direct mail letter outreach) and send out waves of letters, recall information posters, etc. around the world. Precise records had to be kept on our side, especially since well over 100,000 controls were known to have been distributed. For a brief time, Cornerstone Services, Inc. was the USPS™’s largest regional user of Global Priority Mail® (a product that no longer exists – it’s now called Priority Mail International™), a further demonstration of how seriously Robertshaw took its commitment to consumer safety, even beyond the United States borders. Cornerstone-build databases with mailing information that could be easily understood and self-referencing for CPSC audit if/as necessary. Further, there had to be periodic (weekly) reporting to the client regarding on-going efforts, so our having a dedicated Project Management team was essential with a lead point-person to manage design, printing, pre-production materials as well as pre-production and post-processing databases. It was a pleasure to work with professionals at Robertshaw Controls as well as the New York PR firm.