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Why Choose Cornerstone?

Because you need your New York Direct Mail project done on-time, under budget and uneventfully.

Cornerstone's "Project Management" approach means that you work with a dedicated and highly trained database expert who is also certified in USPS mailing regulations and has production-level direct mail experience. Our Graphic design work is unique because we focus on results-yielding designs. Our production and operations work is subject to internal auditing during the project's preparation, allowing us to take care of any issues up-stream rather than down-stream. As a further benefit, we fix your data and it is returned to you in a the form of a "Data Quality Report" after each mailing. We fix bad addresses, find lost recipients, identify NCOA moves, etc. and thereby increase your awareness or response rates. We found there is a right way to handle direct mail and then there are other ways -- we do things the right way.

Design, Print, Mail. We do it all.

Cornerstone's "one-stop-shop" approach is unique because most "all-in-one" direct mail marketing services are printers who moved into the data/mailing realm well after becoming printers. We are data people first who became experts in direct mail and were able to reverse engineer how to get the better results while making best use of limited resources (i.e. your cash).

In other words, we ask you about your intended result and then see how we can construct a direct mail means to achieve it. Our firm is set-up to find you the best mailing list (if not your own), design the best possible mailpiece and see your project to completion as cost-effectively and uneventfully as possible. This is a highly proceduralized process, not built on a crossing-our-fingers and hope-it-works approach. We feel any "all-in-one" shop should also have a solid, experiential understanding for getting results as a foundation of the services it offers; and, our shop does.



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