Chinese Menu Misprint Fix


Project Overview: Labeling, Permit & Saturation Data for Printer Mistake in Menu Printing

Location: New City, NY

Industry: Chinese Restaurant, Food Service, Hospitality


The original printer here in Queens or Brooklyn forgot to put an address panel on the menu, and of course, a postal permit. Therefore, CRST had to receive several thousand menus and come up with a way to mail these at either EDDM or automation letter rates. The folded menu size was not going to qualify for EDDM, and insertion into addressed envelopes seemed needless. Ultimately, we double-tabbed the brochure menus and put thin 1” x 4” labels with an embedded bulk mail permit on the address label, therefore rendering the menu as a qualified self-mailer automation-friendly mailpiece. Fortunately, we were able to put the label in a place where the address information didn’t cover up essential phone or menu items. It might be noted that other such menus that we’ve seen in the past have not been so lucky!