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Select from a varitey of our mailing permits to use on your mail piece including Non-Profit, First Class, Bulk and BPM.
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Postal Prices

An easy to read and understand listing of the current and most up-to-date postage prices for major mailing types.
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Envelope Sizes and Inserts

A listing of all common envelope sizes and their corresponding insert sizes.
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Postal Definitions

Simple dictionary of popular USPS® terms, acronyms and terminology as well as their definitions and how you can use them.
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Mailpiece Regulations

Learn about mail piece regulations and USPS® standards for mail pieces
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Non-profit approved

Learn about how to become non-profit approved
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Non-profit incorporated

Learn about how to become non-profit incorporated
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Ancillary Endorsements

Learn about the Move Update standard and how it applies to the different Ancillary Endorsement Services.
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