Data Acquisition

All your mailing needs in one place.

Whether your goal is – attracting more customers, raising awareness, or getting elected – good data is the most important part of any mailing. The success of direct a campaign is only as good as the audience that receives it. In general, we favor smaller mailings – done on a repetitive basis – to a highly focused address list to acheive maximum results.

We know that you may or may not have your own, or even good, contact information. If you bring us a list, we will help fix it and refine it. If you need data, we manage and/or can source a tremendous variety of information to help achieve the goal-in-mind. Either way, there is no substitute for a good list.

Finally, the best list you can ever have is one that you develop and manage yourself. Therefore, please review our product so that you can make the most of all communications options to the people you need to reach and the people who need to reach you.

We offer:

  • Real Property: Home Ownership
  • Real Property: Property Size & Valuation
  • Real Property: Pool Owners, Oil/Gas/Electric, etc.
  • Household size
  • Charitable Giving
  • Age Demographics (including Seniors/Children)
  • Marital Status
  • Household Income
  • Net Worth
  • Credit Worthiness

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