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E-Newsletters vs. Physical Newsletters: Awareness, Impact & Truthfulness

Trustworthiness It hardly need be explained that false promotion around the internet is rank and rife in today's electronic realm.  Only approximately 50% of the information on the internet, verified using kinesiological techniques (via Dr. David D. Hawkins research methods; ref:, can be shown to be true.  Skilled so-called professional hands-for-hire are able to create the false impression via

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The Best List Data Money Can’t Buy

Where to Find the Best Data for Mailing Cornerstone is a list wholesaler and reseller.  We manage large amounts of data for use by customers.  Additionally, we help businesses or not-for-profits source data for mailing solicitations.  Not surprisingly, we are often asked "where's the best data".  You might not like the answer, but after 15+ years of doing this, the

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