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Three Essential Rules for Winning Mailpiece Design

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Most bulk mail is tossed aside because it is breaks what we call the 3 Essential Rules for Winning Mailpiece Design. If your postcard or letter can clear the bar on any one of these rules, your mailing should be a success. Our Project Management teams at Cornerstone Services have seen, studied, created and sent thousands of Standard (Commercial) Rate

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Is EDDM for Non-Profit Solicitation/Appeal Mailings?


Over the past year, more and more Non-Profit Organizations have been wondering if Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a fund-raising approach that they should consider.  Since most of Cornerstone Services, Inc.'s work is not-for-profit related, this is a valid question which deserves a complete answer.  Here are some discussion points for consideration: 1.  Saturation vs. Targeted Mail:  EDDM can

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