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Direct Mail for Sole-Proprietors: Cost-Effective, Results-Oriented Tactics & Strategies


Cornerstone Services, Inc. is the only firm that I know that will tell you a primary goal of direct mailing for a sole proprietor, self-employed contractor or one-employee d/b/a (doing business as) entity should be NOT to mail anymore.  By executing a well thought-through strategy, we’ve helped lots of solo “man-with-a-van” handymen, carpenters, plumbers and HVAC guys and gals reach

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Check out our new Youtube Channel

The new CRST Youtube channel

Cornerstone Services Youtube Channel We've been busy here at Cornerstone Services, creating & uploading content to our new Youtube channel. You'll find great clips featuring a few of our machines and the work they do. You'll also find videos of our owner Sean Griffin, discussing the common myths about direct mail and how we can make your experience better. Cornerstone

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E-Newsletters vs. Physical Newsletters: Awareness, Impact & Truthfulness

Trustworthiness It hardly need be explained that false promotion around the internet is rank and rife in today's electronic realm.  Only approximately 50% of the information on the internet, verified using kinesiological techniques (via Dr. David D. Hawkins research methods; ref:, can be shown to be true.  Skilled so-called professional hands-for-hire are able to create the false impression via

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